Company History

 Our company was started in 1926 by John and Ester Worcester. Originally a poultry hatchery the original company began when John and Ester received a dozen rare fertile chicken eggs as one of their wedding presents. Located on Chestnut Ridge road in North Ridgeville [actually in 1926 the address there was Olmsted Twp]  the hatchery grew to a 3 story building next the Worcesters farm. In fact John Worcester farmed several hundred acres in North Ridgeville and owned most of the property he farmed. Their main crops were corn and hay. [hay is for horses] in 1942 a fire destroyed the hatchery building. At that time the business was moved to its present location at the corner of Lorain Rd and Root Rd in North Ridgeville. Animal feeds were added to the product lines and poultry hatching continued. In the early 1950's outdoor power equipment was added to the product lines. Initially Bolens tractors as well as Homelite and McCulloch chain saws. In the early 60's Stihl chain saws were added as well as Bridgestone motorcycles, Rupp and Fox mini bikes and go karts. Ariens snow mobiles and lawn equipment was also in the line up in the late 60's. Today the company is operated by its 3rd and 4th generations of the Worcester family.

Extended history for those really interested folks:

Delbert and Shirley Worcester took over the company form John and Ester in the 1970's.  Delbert had a blessed life as you are about to find out. It seems Delbert had a passion for flying and became a private pilot at age 18. Delbert's mother Ester hated air planes due to other close family members loosing their lives in a plane crash locally. When ever Delbert wanted to fly he had to sneak out to do so. Eventually Delbert traveled west via automobile to visit relatives in California [actually ran away from home but thats another story]  The year was 1950 and the roads between Ohio and California were good but not what they are today. On his was back home Delbert decided to trade his car for an airplane that was advertised for sale in the Payson Arizona airport. After spending time getting to know his new plane Delbert had his return trip all planned out and was ready to get home. Leaving Payson Arizona in February and heading to Ohio the big obstacle his plane had to climb over was the Mogollon Rim. the rim extends 200 miles across Arizona and reaches 8000 ft at its hightest. The morning of the return flight quickly fogged in as Delbert climbed over the rim eventually to the point of zero visibility. At this point Delbert decided to make the maneuver his flight instructor thought him if he was ever in such a situation. That was to make a quick 180 degree turn and head back the way you came. This move ultimately caused Delberts plan to crash into the Rim.  The way he crash actually saved his life as providence and the hand of God was on Delbert that moment. The crash landing was actually on the side of the rim which is at about a 55 degree incline [we have photos by the way. Photos of Worcester family members reaching the crash site in the years 2015 and 2016, but thats another story]

It seems the 180 degree turn causes your plane to 'bank' and the plane was still in the 'bank' turn which lined up with the side of the  Rim to the point where Delbert unintentionally landed in the fog. The plane nosed in and Delbert remembers the wooden prop disintegrating upon impact. Well as you may have guessed by now Delbert survived the crash suffering a cut on this head and bruises.  He began the descent from the side of the Rim carrying his suit case[ yes we still have this] and the tool kit from the plane   [ Delbert was very mechanically inclined and thus grabbed tools]  the snow was up to his knees [February] and he soon discarded the heavy tool kit. Making his way to a stream [ actually its called Christopher Creek] he followed this until coming across hunting cabins. Delbert forced a door open and propped a mattress up against the doorway to spend the night. The next morning Delbert noticed a box of pancake mix in the window of one of the other cabins and this became breakfast. With every restored he continued walking and eventually came across a house with smoke coming out of the chimney. He knocked on the door and explained his situation . The nice folks called the local sherif and got a ride back to Payson where he eventually purchased a commercial ticket to get back home.[none the worse for wear]    

 Delbert went on to competitively race go karts, ride motorcycles, own/fly another plane [he didn't crash this one] , became a North Ridgeville volunteer Fireman, married Shirley and raised 2 children of their own and 3 adopted children from his sister [she and her husband passed away]   Raising 5 boys and running the company was an accomplishment to be proud of.

There's more to our story so stay tuned.